Jake KostikOperations Associate and Analyst

TitleSmart Employee Jake Kostik

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office: 651-779-3075
fax: 651-779-3066

Jake Kostik graduated from Concordia College Moorhead in 2015 with a Bachelor’s degree in Physics and a Minor in Mathematics whereby developing a high value for detail and quality. Jake was also a college athlete and coach, wrestling for Concordia as well as coaching their youth programs which allowed him to discover how much he enjoys helping people. With many years of experience in customer service, Jake is ready to bring his energy and talents to the TitleSmart team.

“I’ve always enjoyed fast paced work and I operate very well under pressure. I’m glad to be a part of the TitleSmart team and am happy to offer the high quality customer service that TitleSmart continues to excel at.”

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Krischelle, Our closing went great. It was very fast and pleasant. I would definitely recommend! Thanks so much!