TitleSmart Core Values: Empathy

At TitleSmart, we strive to incorporate empathy into our every day.  Empathy is a necessary tool when working with our clients who are either, selling their largest asset, purchasing their largest asset or BOTH.  When something as critical as housing is hanging in the balance, emotions can run high and it can be a very stressful time.  Which, is why TitleSmart focuses on using empathy to make our clients experience comfortable and a time for celebration.

Empathy can be a confusing term, it is different than having sympathy for someone.  Sympathy for someone else is when we can understand, because we have had something similar happen.  But, each of us, has a life experience that is unique to us. This is where empathy comes in.  Having empathy for a person is to try to understand their thoughts and feelings, given what you are aware of in  their experience in life, and understanding there are things we do not know.  While doing our best to remove whatever privilege and experience we may have from our perception of what they are going through.

Smarties incorporate empathy into, not only interactions with our clients, but with each other.  We are a team all working together for the same goal, to assist our clients in all of their home buying and selling needs, to grow our professional development and to grow TitleSmart.  As such, we utilize our empathy skills when we see a fellow Smartie struggling.  Whether it be trying to learn a new skill or something in their personal lives.  We treat each other as a whole person, taking into consideration their personal circumstances.  If it is work related, we freely share our knowledge with each other, offer assistance where we can and/or ask others who have the skill set that may be necessary for that situation.  I have personally experienced the kindness and empathy Smarties have when I had a personal tragedy.  Smarties pull together and care for each other, at work and at home.

Empathy can be a tall order, but it is critical in having good interactions with those around us.  Empathy is a skill that may not come naturally to all of us, but should be a practice that we incorporate into our lives, and a skill that is always developing.