TitleSmart Core Values: Gratitude

Gratitude is a value so important it even has its own holiday. To be honest, I struggle with gratitude which is why I’m excited to write about it. My biggest hurdle in practicing gratitude is overcoming joy anxiety. Joy anxiety is when you would rather stay off cloud nine than risk falling off. It is limiting the joy you allow in hopes it will protect you from pain. I operated this way until a devastating loss made me realize it didn’t protect me from pain. I was going to have pain anyway. This prompted me to commit to switching my motivation from avoiding pain to experiencing joy.

Gratitude is important at TitleSmart because it enables us to bring joy to ourselves and others. We protect our positive, happy culture by practicing gratitude because it gives our guests the best experience. This type of culture also gives us the courage to move toward more challenging goals. How is this possible? When you operate out of pain avoidance your thoughts sounds something like this, “If I try I could fail and failure hurts so I’m going to hang out in the safe zone and not go for it.” But when you let experiencing joy be your motivator your thoughts start to sound more like this, “Yes, I might fail and it might hurt but I’m not going to worry about that right now. I’m going to appreciate the challenge and let myself feel the joy of working toward a dream.”

I don’t know if gratitude ever becomes second nature. You are going to have bad days and good days. It’s a practice. You have to be intentional about it every day. You have to pay attention to yourself and your thoughts. It’s something you will need to realign yourself with on a continuous basis. You have to work at it. If you struggle with it like I do, don’t give up. The enhanced quality of life you will experience is worth it. It is a game changer.

I can tell when I’m off track in practicing gratitude when my attitude becomes negative and I find myself more easily discouraged. That is my cue to quiet my mind and pay attention to my thoughts. Usually I am off track because I switched focus to an underlying fear. When that happens, I refocus and think about whether my behavior is being driven by avoiding fear or experiencing joy. If I am scared of something, I acknowledge it, but then I remind myself of my commitment to move toward joy anyway. You have to learn to independently quiet your mind when you are having those anxieties and re-center yourself. Sometimes it’s something as simple as reminding myself that yes, I may not have everything I want, but I have this one thing and I’m going to allow myself to feel joy from it.

One of the best parts of working at TitleSmart is there is so much to be grateful for. My favorite is that I can leave my house 10-15 minutes later for work in the morning because I don’t have to pack my lunch because TitleSmart provides my food for me. I get to be a part of building something bigger than myself that helps people in our community. We get to be here in this pivotal moment of TitleSmart history as we experience crazy amounts of growth. We have owners that believe in sharing the success and wealth with their team unlike any company I have seen. I challenge you this week to find the things you are truly grateful for and fearlessly put your focus on those things.