We’ve said it before and we will say it again: strong leadership is the foundation to any good company. A few nights ago, I was contemplating how much my life has changed in the last two years since discovering my work home at TitleSmart, Inc. I felt compelled to thank the leader who saw my potential and brought me onboard. I went on Facebook to share my experience using the hashtag #thankscindy.


Here is what I posted: “I started working at TitleSmart, Inc. about two years ago and I have been so happy! Cindy and TitleSmart have supported me in my efforts to grow professionally. They allow me to flourish and grow our Production department to make it incredibly responsive and helpful to all our clients, internally and externally. I feel valued every day. #thankscindy for being a visionary in our field.”


As the evening progressed, I started seeing other posts pop up from my co-workers using the same hashtag. These employees were posting to share their stories on how they met Cindy and how she went on to change their lives for the better. As the posts continued to pop up I couldn’t help but think about the power and impact of strong leadership.


My heart warmed reading these posts. I questioned how many people feel trapped in their current job situation because the leadership doesn’t trust or support their ideas and value their employees? Nine times out of ten, when a leader or management gives their employees room to grow, they will shine bright and increase their dedication to the goals of the organization. This leadership doesn’t stop at the owner or CEO of a company. Through their example, other management needs to do the same in order to empower their staff.


The next post came from Briauna Ruberto, Assistant Closer for Nicole Paulson, “A few years ago I was unemployed, my unemployment had run out, I had applied for a million jobs and then I met with Cindy Stewart Koebele who told me she didn’t really have a position for me but she wanted to hire me. Within 6 months I was working for the highest producing closer in the company…Three years later I work with the most amazing team at the best company and I am able to have things in my personal life I only dreamed of having. I owe a lot to TitleSmart, Inc. and Cindy for taking a chance on me! #thankscindy”


Now there is something to be said about taking risks. A strong leader knows when they see talent, and they won’t rest until they have that person on their team. They know that if they don’t have them, someone else will be happy to scoop them up to help grow their company. Cindy’s willingness to see beyond current circumstances and look forward into the future of the company allows here to always have top talent which allows TitleSmart to grow and flourish.


Briauna and I were not alone, as other staff members quickly followed with their own posts:


“To the woman who taught me everything I know about the professional world, I owe it all to you. Thank you for your endless patience, support and love. You are a wonderful boss and TitleSmart, Inc is a fantastic company, but you are an amazing human EVERY day. Thank you for everything, all the love Cindy Stewart Koebele! #workmom #thankscindy” – Natalie Lund, Associate Team Closer


“Over four years ago I was on the search for a new employer. A friend of mine told me to get ahold of Cindy Stewart Koebele at TitleSmart, Inc. I did. My life hasn’t been the same since. I spend five days a week in the presence of positive, kind, respectful, nurturing, supportive people. We are a family and the leader of that family is Cindy.” – Becky Moelter, Associate Team Closer


“As I reflect back to my life just over 3 years ago, I’m humbled by the abundance of blessings. My life and career had made a change I had prayed for many nights. I was financially struggling and often wondered how I would make it to support my kids and make a living. Then a prayer was answered, I was blessed to have met Cindy Stewart Koebele with #TitleSmart. She gave a chance, she believed in me and has continued to support me in my career! I am grateful and blessed each and every day to be a #Smartie! #thankscindy for believing in me and helping to change our lives!” – Michelle Morris, Closer


“I loved my former employer, but I always said if I left…the ONLY other title company I’d work for would be TitleSmart. Making the move wasn’t easy, but Cindy Stewart Koebele gave me an amazing opportunity to do something different and advance my career!! I’ve never been happier! #thankscindy” – Jessica Klatt, Closing Training Manager


Now, I didn’t write this post simply to brag about our fearless leader, but rather I saw something in these posts that inspired me. These posts show how strong leadership can have a direct impact on an employee’s happiness. A strong leader not only knows when to praise their employees and make them feel supported, then also knows when it is time to push them because they know their potential. They help employees not only grow professionally, but also personally. They take risks and allow employees to lift up their company and trust that they will have the commitment and follow through to represent their company in the highest light.


Cindy is just one shining example of how employees reap the rewards from leadership. Not only do opportunities open up, but these leaders allow employees to find these opportunities for themselves and showcase their own unique skills and talents. Do you have a leader at work that inspires you? Share it with us! Email emily@title-smart.com or use the hashtag #thanksleader in your next social media post.