What You Do Makes a Difference

“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

~Jane Gooddall

I love this quote!  To me, it is so empowering.  I have the ability to make a difference.  Every day, I am struck by how important it is, for our well being, to have a safe, supportive work environment.  One that we look forward to coming in to every day.  There is nothing worse than dreading going to your job.

We are each responsible to ourselves and to each other, to make TitleSmart, an affirming positive workplace.   Where we can learn and grow and be successful.

Regardless, of where you fall on the scale of Love to Dread, there are always ways to improve our work environment.  Here are a few keys that I have found to develop my work happiness:

  1. Take pride in your work. Regardless, of which job you have, if you do a job well, you can feel proud of it.  I repeatedly ask myself, is this the best I could have done?  If I showcased all the work I did today to Cindy, could I feel confident in my performance? Are there portions I would gloss over?  If I find my answers less than satisfactory, I try to find the take-away. Where could I have done better?  What lessons have I learned?  In the future, how could I have been more helpful?
  2. Create a workplace YOU would want to work in. Supportive work spaces do not just happen.  They are built thoughtfully, over time. Each day, challenge yourself to treat others with kindness and forgiveness.  No one makes a mistake on purpose.  Treat your co-workers with compassion. Belittling or gossiping creates animosity and a toxic work environment.   Be a bright spot in people’s day.
  3. Be a Mentor. Share your knowledge and experience with others.  Adopt the attitude of when one of us succeeds, we ALL succeed.  Be proud of each other, speak it when someone does something well, or learns something new.  As the saying goes “Kindness is like confetti. Spread it everywhere”.  It is the same with praise and kind words. Be an ENCOURAGER!

Every day and in every moment, we have a choice as to how we will impact our environment.

Choose well,