Starting your day off right is essential to being successful.  After reading a recent article on LinkedIn about what successful people do when they begin their workday, made me think. … What do I do?  My staff?  It made me realize that I need to be successful throughout the entire day.  What can I do to keep that momentum going?  So … I went around the offices and started asking!  The team and I came up with five things we all do to stay successful throughout the entire day.  We hope you enjoy!

We are Planners

We plan and strategize everything.  Whether we create a to-do list or use our calendars religiously, we thrive off of being organized.  Julie, one of our wonderful Executive Closers, says, “Being organized lends a feeling of approval.  There is nothing better than crossing off multiple items from your daily to do list at the end of the day.”

We Manage Time

We manage our time to finish tasks efficiently.  Postponing essential responsibilities until the last minute can cause stress and will more than likely result in errors.  “I remember how long certain tasks will take and make sure I don’t overlap priorities or double book myself.  Using my calendar throughout the day helps me with both planning and managing my time,” says Angela Shackle, our Vice President.

We Take Breaks

We take small breaks throughout the workday to give our brains a pause.  Staring at a computer screen or running around town can be very stressful.  Taking a quick break can help increase your concentration, alertness, and work speed for when you return.  We are also firm believers of mental health days.  This requires some planning, but taking a weekday off to relax and enjoy life is definitely ok from time to time.

We Ask Questions

We ask our colleagues for extra support when needed.  Utilizing help can better streamline the quality of your work.  “I am not scared to ask my boss or a co-work for assistance when needed.  Being positive that you are getting your work done correctly and effectively is more important than holding on to your pride.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking questions,” says Lori Weaver, one of our top Executive Closers.

We Cherish Time

We spend free time doing things that we enjoy.  For example, Nicole Paulson, one of our highest volume Executive Closers loves to vacation at Disney Resorts during the winter months.  She says, “This is an opportunity for me to look forward to something in my personal life after a busy summer season of closings.  I would much rather spend time traveling with my loved ones than spending my personal time watching television on the couch.  This fulfills my life outside of work and gives me the push to complete my day at work successfully.”

So the next time you lose concentration at work or are feeling a little too stressed, think about these five things.  Think about what you can do to help yourself stay successful throughout every minute of your workday.  Also, please feel free to share your ideas; we’d love to add them to our list.  Thanks for reading!

5 Things the TitleSmart Team does to Stay Successful