Mindfulness: Working Mindfully

October 19, 2016Team Articles

Working in a small company gives employees an amazing opportunity to derive a sense of interconnectedness. This bond allows us to develop similar mindsets, likes, dislikes, and even senses of humor. Simply put, when your team is up, you’re up, when your team is down, you’re down. With this closeness, it is so important to … Read More

Be Thankful for Your Failures

February 29, 2016Team Articles

I remember it like it was yesterday. I’d been taking piano lessons for several years, working out of books by the name of “Technik.” So when the announcer read to me my third word in my second-grade spelling bee, “technique,” I thought back to my piano book and proudly exclaimed, “T-E-C-H-N-I-K, technique!” “I’m sorry, but … Read More

I Want You To Be Happy

December 11, 2015Team Articles

One Simple Phrase to Provide Consistently Compassionate Service – “I want you to be happy.” A few years ago, I experienced what I call an “empty work tank”. We all have periods where due to stress, high volume workload or personal issues that our professional life is affected.  We no longer feel as compassionate to … Read More