The other day I was helping my son with his small business. I was giving him a list of things to-do when I noticed something peculiar. I looked down at his paper to realize he was drawing small boxes next to each item on his to-do list. I immediately exclaimed, “Hey! I do that too!” I couldn’t believe that without realizing it, people around me were catching onto the Art of the Check Box when putting together their checklist.

Now you might be asking yourself, “What the heck is “The Art of the Check Box?” Let me break it down for you: For years, I have been drawing small boxes next to all of the items on my to-do list. Or when I give a to-do list to an employee, I often hand them a handwritten list with little boxes. Then when I complete something on my checklist I check off the box next to the item. I literally get to “check” it off my list!

These check boxes have slowly become a part of not only my everyday life but have also spread to my staff. I will look around the office and see that many of my staff members use these check boxes every day on their own to-do lists! It has become so popular that we even designed notepads for our closing rooms with the checkbox next to each line. During a closing, our clients love that they have a convenient place to write down last minute items that come up. They can leave with their checklist, mark off each box when the task is complete, and feel the same sense of satisfaction that my staff and I do.

Let me tell you, there is nothing more gratifying than checking off those little boxes. Just like with my steno pad these check boxes have become a staple in how I keep myself organized throughout the day. Will these change your life? Maybe. Are they fun and make you feel accomplished? Heck yeah! Sometimes it really is the little things that make the big difference.