Auto Fail


Here are 9 things that are business “auto-fails” in my book:

  1. Pens – I can’t stand when I go somewhere and receive a flower pen, a spoon pen, or a pen on a string. Spend money on some inexpensive pens that have your logo on them. You never know where they will end up and who might call you in the future! *Auto-Fail*
  2. Cellphone Insurance – Many people like it, but I don’t. I hate it. Every time I had to use it, never worked. Any time that I thought I didn’t have it, I did, and I paid for it only to find out it expired. *Auto-Fail*
  3. Old Coffee and Boring Creamer – Hate it, hate it, and hate it again. Show your customers that you care by investing in good coffee or even a Keurig with K-Cups they can pick from. *Auto-Fail*
  4. Water Cooler/Tap Water – There’s no cheaper way to give someone water than a warm cup from the tap or a water cooler. Small bottles of water are inexpensive and they show your customers that you care. *Auto-Fail*
  5. Negativity – Everybody wants to be around positive people, so leave the negativity at the door. As a leader, I always put my best foot forward in fostering a culture of positivity. *Auto-Fail*
  6. Complainers – People who don’t complain and just do it get more done and feel a lot more rewarded at the end of the day. *Auto-Fail*
  7. Excuses – Stop making excuses people. Step up and take care of your responsibilities because it only helps build trust for the future. *Auto-Fail*
  8. Cocktail Napkins – Have you ever noticed that they usually only give you one napkin and by the time you take your first drink your napkin is so soaked that you have to peel it off the table? Quit being so stingy, or I might have to carry around my own branded napkins from now on. 🙂 That’s actually not a bad idea… brand placement! *Auto-Fail*
  9. “Frantic Face” – Sometimes I go into a business and I see people running around with “frantic face” (see video for demo of what this looks like.) It makes me stressed out when I’m not even stressed out. Take a breather and make a plan to avoid last minute “frantic face.” *Auto-Fail*