Why should you choose your own title company when you’re closing on a property? Well… because it’s smart! We say it all the time, and it’s true that not all title companies are created equal. We may provide the same products, but it’s the service level, experience and reliability that set us apart from others within the Twin Cities area.

In addition to the overall experience, reliability and level of service, not all title companies offer the same consideration and conveniences. At TitleSmart, we’ve strategically located our offices throughout the Twin Cities, so no matter where you live or work, you can find an office that is convenient for you! If your closer offices out of Maplewood and you live in Woodbury but work in Maple Grove, our closers will coordinate your closing at a location that best meets your needs.

Another reason you should choose TitleSmart is our philosophy that closing on your house is a really big deal and that a closing should be fun! When you walk into our offices, you’ll find it’s an upbeat environment. It’s very comfortable, and we make sure all of your needs are met – which includes always offering a freshly baked cookie and a beverage to go with it!

We understand that you’ve probably been up packing all night, coordinating your move, and getting your papers and funds together. You’re most likely tired, and maybe a little stressed. Our priority is to welcome you in, and encourage you to enjoy the moment and have a great closing with us!

So, next time you’re closing on a home, or helping a friend find a title company, we hope you’ll choose us! If you’re a realtor who is looking for a title partner who will leave your client with an incredible last impression, reach out to our team!