When closing on a home, you have a choice of which title company to work with. You may not know it, but you can pick your title company.  It’s an important fact that not all title companies are created equal. Closing on your home is a BIG deal, and it is important you feel that way! From the best customer service to the warm cookies at the beginning of your closing, TitleSmart strives for stress-free, fun, and easy closings.

In general, your realtor or loan officer may suggest their favorite title company or closer. Although they like them, it is also important for you to feel comfortable and properly served throughout the process.  It can be easy to go ahead and use their suggestion, but you might wish you had shopped around by the end of it. It’s so important to remember that you deserve the best experience possible, whether you’re purchasing your first home, third home, or an investment property. Our goal at the end of each closing is for our customers to think of how easy and stress-free it was.

At TitleSmart, it truly is the little things that make the big difference for our customers.  Over the years, we have created the perfect formula for a successful closing.

The Fun comes from our experienced industry professionals who are positive with a can-do attitude. Our closers and staff members believe the customer is always first. We will do whatever the customer needs to ensure the closing is professionally executed yet carefree and fun. At the closing, our clients receive our full “red carpet” treatment, with a fun photo shoot after their closing to help them celebrate their big day!

Teamwork really makes the dream work here at TitleSmart! Without it, we wouldn’t be where we are today: providing our customers with outstanding closings. We operate as a team, helping everyone out, from the top down.  We deal with the “many” so you only have to deal with a few.

The Little Things are the little details our customers appreciate so much. From our branded trinkets to Caribou coffee or homemade hot cocoa, our goal every day is to provide world class service.

Do you remember if your last title company did the same for you? Did they care about your interests? Were your questions and concerns addressed in a timely and friendly manner? These are the things we care about so much to deliver an unforgettable and stress-free closing for our customers. Now you may be wondering, why not choose TitleSmart?