It’s undeniable that culture can make or break your company. When you think about the last few companies that you worked for, can you say that the company culture was one of positivity and appreciation? Odds are that you left for a reason and it probably had something to do with the company culture. Don’t you agree?

Whether intentional or not, each and every business cultivates its own company culture based on the policies they have in place and the people they surround themselves with. This is the first and foremost thing that we think about every day at TitleSmart. If we hire individuals who believe in the same things that we do, it trickles down to help us achieve the ultimate goal of making each and every closing an amazing and unforgettable experience for our clients.

Life isn’t perfect and sometimes you miss the ball in the interview process, but these are things that we learn and grow from. If you do hire someone that truly doesn’t fit with your company culture, you eventually part ways and that’s okay. One person will not fit with the culture of every single company. That’s why it’s important to ask the right questions initially to get to the root of what makes your potential team members tick. This is where you will decipher who will potentially fit in with your team and who won’t.

Those who devote their time and energy into making your company great should feel appreciated. At TitleSmart, we’ve built our team and culture around fostering positivity, fun, and appreciation for our employees. You can feel it when you walk in to any of our offices and it makes us proud to know that we’re doing the right thing!

The title industry is not glamorous by any means, but it’s all in how you present it. The little things really do matter to people and are often overlooked in title. We used that to our advantage by finding the right people to join our team, and paying attention to what’s most important to them. It’s our unwavering focus on perfecting our company culture that has helped us grow over the last nine years to where we are today.

Too many times, leaders focus on the numbers and forget that it is the people that make their business a success. When you treat those around you with respect and empower them to do the right thing, it’s incredible what your company can accomplish.