At TitleSmart we take our employee health seriously. We are always looking for fun and creative ways to help empower our employees through wellness. Not only do we offer comprehensive major medical health care benefits, we also offer unique, one of a kind health benefits to all of our staff members. Currently we have programs in place for Acupuncture, Chiropractic Care, discounted gym memberships and healthy snacks in the break room.


In an effort to continue to expand our benefits and encourage employees to live a healthy lifestyle, we invited Nicole Murray to come in and teach an Introductory Class on doTerra Essential Oils. Many of us in the office are already using essential oils on a daily basis. Whether they are in our diffuser or rolled onto our skin, the staff at TitleSmart use these oils to help with a variety of ailments: stress, colds, headaches, you name it!


Nicole gave us the low down on the benefits of oils, and what ones our staff can be using to eliminate stress and feel empowered. During her hour long discussion our staff was also able to test the oils, and even create their own roll-on blend called “Bye Bye Baggage” that helps in releasing toxic energies from your life.


We know that essential oils might not be for everyone, but by offering classes such as these to our staff, it shows that we truly care about their health and well-being. The title industry can be an extremely fast passed and stressful environment and we want to remind our employees that it is vital to take care of themselves first so they can always be at the top of their game.


And not all wellness benefits have to be expensive! Find people in your community that are willing to share their knowledge for free in a “Lunch and Learn” environment, or contact your local fitness center to see if they offer any discounts on classes or gym memberships. And most importantly, find out what matters most to your staff! Do they want snacks in the break room, or educational materials delivered to their inbox? Whatever it might be, your employees will appreciate how much you truly care about them.


If you want Nicole Murray to stop by your office, or if you have any questions on Essential Oils, be sure to contact her at or visit her website, For more information on how Healthy Can Be Simple download the free mini booklet!