“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.” James Cash Penney, Founder of JCPenney.


Webster’s Dictionary describes the word growth as, “progressive development: evolution”. 

As individuals, without growth we simply standstill or recede.  Growth is essential to our well-being.  I once heard the phrase, “a fish will only grow as big as the pond it lives in”, and it stuck.  If we want to evolve and become more we need to embrace the idea of stepping out of our comfort zones to push to new levels; we need to swim in bigger ponds.  But it doesn’t stop there, growth is also a mindset.  In order to truly grow and evolve we need to make a conscious choice each day.  We need to ask ourselves, “Where do I want to be?”, “What actions do I need to take to get “there”?”  Then we need to actively pursue the steps to achieve.

Growth is always rewarding, however the path to growth is often difficult and sometimes we need to experience a breakdown in order to grow bigger.  For instance, if you were to begin a new gym routine in order to build muscle, you would begin with a step by step program.  You go to the gym the first day, you lift a lot of weight and feel fatigued after.  Worn out.  The days following you feel pain in your muscles, you feel weak.  Then suddenly one day you realize that you can lift much more and you can see your muscles working.  This is a prime example of growth.  When we mix our goals and face the challenges associated head on, we grow!  It’s not enough to have one without the other.

Growth is a part of TitleSmart’s core values, and it is very fitting.  We have experienced massive growth over the past 10 years and every day we are searching for more ways to grow.  It is continuous and impressive!  We strive not only for growth as a company, but for the individual growth of our staff members.  TitleSmart provides the tools and expects staff to step up to the plate, always encouraging them to go further, to expand their knowledge and capabilities.  Because of this, we have some of the best and brightest in the industry.  There is no ceiling!

I challenge you to look around right now and ask yourself, “Where can I grow?”, then start the exciting journey to new possibilities!


Cheers to Growth,