One Simple Phrase to Provide Consistently Compassionate Service – “I want you to be happy.”


A few years ago, I experienced what I call an “empty work tank”. We all have periods where due to stress, high volume workload or personal issues that our professional life is affected.  We no longer feel as compassionate to our customers needs. An “empty work tank”.

I found myself asking; How do we fill our tanks back up when we feel depleted? How do we find that spark of compassion that is the true impetus for amazing customer service? And so, I turned to “The Google” (they know everything). My search led me to Ted Talk.  One particular talk stood out to me. It was a talk given by Chade Meng Tan of Google (of COURSE!) on Everyday Compassion.

– I want you to be happy –

The most important piece I took away from Tan’s talk, is “I want you to be happy.” Tan talks about how before any interaction we have with a customer, on the phone, in person or even over email…take one moment to clear your mind and say “I want you to be happy”. Then pick up the phone, meet with your client or draft that email.

By pausing and saying “I want you to be happy” we have instantly changed our mindset from overwhelm and/or distraction to a customer focused experience. There is a physiological change that takes place when we say those words, our bodies instinctively react in a more compassionate way.

I try to take it one step further, and imagine my close friend is calling, and how I would treat them if they were on the other end of the line. My tone softens, I become more focused and I genuinely want them to be happy. When I reach out to a customer with this mindset, amazing things happen. My customers can feel my dedication to them and to being as helpful as I can, and that creates a relationship, which then leads to loyalty.

Because I want YOU to be happy, I challenge you, for one day, to try saying “I want you to be happy” before any interaction you have with another person. Notice the affect it has on your demeanor and on how your customers respond to you.


Gabbi Hruska, Title Examiner