positive affirmations


Positive affirmations are absolutely day changers. You can wake up and feel like literally everything is going wrong, but if you can change your energy and change your mindset, you can change the outcome of your day.

Everyone has those days when they feel like, “IT’S TOO MUCH,” but this is when you really have to focus, get organized, and know that you can handle it with a positive attitude. I always tell the gals that I work with, “When you feel your worst, dress your best,” and it definitely helps put you in a more positive state. For example, when I came back from my last vacation, you know how it is; I was feeling a little sluggish and tired. So, I got up that day and put on a suit. I never wear a suit, but you know what, when I got to the office, I felt like a million bucks and I killed it that day.

I know it sounds hokey, but somehow when you use positive affirmations and have a positive mindset, good things just happen. I bet you can look back at a time when you thought, “I wonder how (fill in the name) is doing? I haven’t seen them in so long” and magically you run into them or they message you out of the blue. It’s times like these when we think, is this coincidence or was it brought to me because I was thinking about it?

Here are a couple positive affirmations that you can try using throughout the day:

  1. I trust myself.
  2. I am in control of my day.
  3. Life is good and life is easy.
  4. I can handle all things that come my way, easily and happily.
  5. All good things come to me.