We all have them; some last a day while others take years to accomplish. Goals keep the world spinning and our lives ever evolving. So what does it take to create, maintain and achieve one? Each of us has our own tricks to reaching our goals, which is the way it should be! There is no cookie cutter, sure fire way to promise that you will achieve a particular goal. But, the TitleSmart team can shed some light on some our favorite tips on goal setting. If you have some tips and tricks, feel free to share them!

Think Big! Ask yourself these types of questions: If you could pick one thing in your life to improve upon, what would it be? If you had endless time and countless funds, what could you accomplish? Whatever thoughts turn up, think of one thing that you can do to turn these dreams into a reality!

Write it down. Many studies have shown that if you write down your goals, you have a higher likelihood of achieving them. We couldn’t agree more. In order to make your goals more thoughtful and complete, use this SMART acronym:

  • [S]pecific – Know precisely what you want to accomplish. Write it down exactly as you wish to do it.
  • [M]easurable – How will you know if you met your goal? A measurement on a goal let’s you know exactly when you have achieved it.
  • [A]ttainable – Big picture goals are great, but all goals must be achievable and realistic. And on the flip side, don’t make them so easy
  • [R]elevant – Does your goal tie into your life or profession? Will it enhance your life? It should be worthwhile for you to complete this goal in order to keep you motivated!!
  • [T]ime – If you put a deadline on a goal, this helps you stay on track if it lasts over a large period of time. If your goal has many intricate parts, break it down by weeks, days, whatever suits your goal the best, to help you feel like you are making progress on your goal!

Be accountable! Find someone that will help make sure you complete your goal. Husband, wife, co-worker, mentor, someone that will know when you need extra encouraging words and will congratulate you when you achieve a milestone, and maybe throw you a mini party when you reach your goal!

Why?? Have a very specific reason why you are creating this goal. Remind yourself of it every time you want to give up or you have a set back. Make it truly motivational as well, beyond the average, “This will make me happy.” Think of specifics [going back to the SMART goal setting] and remind yourself of those during the tough times.

Have fun! No one wants to spend time working toward something that is dull or lackluster. Make goal setting and achieving FUN! At TitleSmart we are so focused on making every experience fun for both our clients and ourselves that most of the time, work rarely feels like work! Do the same with your goals. Make it positive and upbeat.

Whatever your goal may be, large or small, we KNOW you can achieve it! Make 2015 better than 2014, more fun, more positive and full of even more smiles. Let’s set the goals high [but still attainable] and keep each other updated on our progress! Good luck!