What does growth mean to you? As one of our TitleSmart Core Values, growth is an essential part of not only our business model but also in the way we think about our staff and their goals. Focusing on creating a growth mindset can give you a clear direction for your personal and professional goals. Here are five tips to help you create a growth mindset.


Acknowledge and Embrace Imperfections. Hiding from your weaknesses will only lead to you not overcoming them. Lean into your imperfections and find the beauty that lies within them.


View Challenges as Opportunities. We all face challenges each day, big and small. Challenges help to push ourselves to get out of our comfort zone and can lead to learning, acceptance and new ways to think. Challenges are a key ingredient to self-improvement.


Emphasize Growth Over Speed. In today’s world, we want things NOW! But remember, growth isn’t going to happen overnight. Learning fast isn’t the same as leaning well.


Make a New Goal for Every Goal Accomplished. Growth and learning never stops. Keep your brain stimulated by always pushing yourself with new goals.


Celebrate! Share your progress with others and celebrate! While it is important to create new goals, it is equally important to celebrate your accomplishments and remind yourself and others of your growth.


At TitleSmart we like to think there is no “ceiling”. We will always keep pushing our company and our staff to reach their full potential in and outside of the office. So what areas can you grow in? Set your goals and get to work!