I think we can all agree that it’s easy to get stuck in a rut from time to time and talk about all of the things that you want to do, but never actually follow through or execute on them. This is where making a plan, or a list comes in handy.

Start by making a list of things you absolutely need to get done for the week and aim to have your list done by Friday. You’ll probably end up adding tasks to the list along the way, but this way you have a visual reminder of what needs to be done during any given week.

On the flip side, don’t use your to-do list as a form of torture. If you create a long to-do list that you know you will never achieve, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Set yourself up for success by prioritizing what is most important and tackle those tasks throughout the week.


I have so many people coming to me all the time asking, “Cindy, how do I get a new customer?” or “How can I add more closings and earn more revenue?” The first thing I always do is look over their to-do list.

  1. Have you contacted this person after we talked about it last?
  2. Well… I’m planning to.

Stop talking about it and just do it.

  1. How are your social media platforms coming along?
    • Did you set up your Twitter account and are you learning how to use it?
    • How’s your Facebook? Are you posting and sharing from the items that we’re already posting as a company and are readily available to you?
  2. Oh no… I haven’t gotten around to that yet.

Stop talking about it and just do it.

It’s easy to get caught up in the here and now and push things to the side and eventually off your desk completely to avoid doing them. The best way to combat this is to take the items on your list that you do not want to do, and do those right away the morning. Once you have those done, you can tackle a few things on your list each day to stay on track.

I always tell my kids, “I know, if it wasn’t until the last minute, nothing would ever get done,” but that’s just adding more stress to your life. I’ve learned that tackling something that has been looming over you is extremely rewarding. It gives you this feeling like, “I’ve got this!” and I know you do.

The moral of the story is: make a plan or a list, and get it done!