Closing on your home is a BIG deal!™ It might be surprising to know that a lot of clients aren’t even sure what to expect from their real estate closer, or even the closing itself. We at TitleSmart would love for our clients to understand their closing process, instead of feeling like they are in the dark. Our goal is to create a fun, smooth, and happy experience, while answering any questions along the way! This inspired me to put together a simple, five-part series explaining why you need a closer, what a closing is, aspects of the closing which clients might not be aware of, and, of course, what you can expect from TitleSmart!

To kick off the series, let’s start with the basics…


#1 What is “closing” anyway?

Closing on your home is needed to provide an accurate settlement of the terms agreed to in the purchase agreement between the buyer and seller and to legally transfer the title of the property to the new owner.

A real estate closer in most cases can prepare and explain the legal documents as well as notarize the signatures on them. Once all documents are properly signed and approved, funds will be disbursed to all parties of the transaction and the property is officially the new buyers! Next, the title company will record the property transfer and issue any purchased title insurance policies.

Pretty simple, huh?!

Now, a lot more happens before your closing than you might think! The job of your closer goes beyond explaining and signing documents. To prepare for a smooth and successful closing, your closer works closely with both the real estate agents and the buyers lender, making sure there won’t be any road bumps with the property’s title, the mortgage, or any discrepancies throughout the entire transaction.

Stay tuned for the next part of the series for an even better understanding!