corporate office

A lot has been going on behind the scenes these past few months with the build-out of our new corporate office! We had been looking for a larger corporate office for our growing team for a while and finally found the perfect space in White Bear Lake to call our new home.

After the location had been secured, we went to work on the remodel, knowing that it had to have a WOW factor right from the beginning. With light pouring in from all angles, the smell of freshly brewed coffee and hot chocolate chip cookies, and beautiful sliding glass doors on the closing rooms, your senses are delighted from the moment you walk through our doors. We thought through every detail with the sole purpose of creating an unforgettable experience!

After you enjoy a cup of coffee and a cookie, our closing team takes you to a closing room where the table is loaded with TitleSmart trinkets that you can pick from and take with you to your new home. You’ll also notice that the closing rooms are very modern, with brick accents and warm colors. They are also equipped with new ergonomically correct chairs, so you will be as comfortable as possible while you excitedly sign all of your closing documents. How awesome is that!

We even put some significant thought into the bathrooms. Yes, you read that right! Our new bathrooms are equipped with everything a man or women could need; band-aids, bobby pins, hair spray, etc. It’s all part of the experience, and you never know what you might need.

The office was also designed with the comfort of our staff in mind. We now have an acupuncturist available by appointment for our employees, a new break room that is fully stocked to keep our Smarties nourished throughout the day, offices filled with more light, privacy doors on each workspace, and a whole lot more. Comfort was key when designing this new office for our staff.

We’re ecstatic about the way the new corporate office turned out and hope that you’ll come and enjoy it with us sometime soon. Our friendly faces and warm cookies will be waiting!