Since day one, TitleSmart has understood the importance of an outstanding customer experience. We do everything with the customer in mind. If you are struggling in this department, here are 5 easy ways to start improving your customer’s experience today!


Have a Warm and Inviting Office

  1. Tan is the new white! The first thing I like to do with each of my new offices is paint them tan. As I like to say, tan is the new white. Warming up your office space immediately make it homier.
  2. Have Coffee Made! This is a big one. We have all been in the position where we show up to an office for a meeting and there is no coffee – #Fail. You don’t have to go out and get gourmet coffee (we do love our Caribou Coffee), but you do need to have some readily available for your clients!
  3. Get Creative with Decorating! Adding personalized, creative touches helps to warm up any office space. We like to get creative at all of our branches with wallpaper, decorations and art. We love shopping at HomeGoods, Marshalls and Kirkland’s to find inexpensive décor that really make an impact – BAM!
  4. Have current magazines! No want wants to read a year-old copy of People or a boring magazine. Keep your magazines up to date and offer a variety of options that your clients actually want to read.


Have a Quick Response Time

  1. Response is everything! No response means you don’t care! I can’t tell you how many times I ask a customer why they chose to work with TitleSmart and their response is “The other companies never got back to me.” WHAT?! There is no excuse for not responding to a potential customer.
  2. Quick Like A Bunny – QLAB! At TitleSmart, we know the importance of quick response time. Even if your response is short, touching base with a client letting them know you will back to them soon is crucial. You can beat out your competition on response time alone!


Be Positive

  1. Dance while you write! When I am writing an email, I often find myself doing a little dance while responding. This little “email dance” helps me get in the right frame of mind to keep my emails positive and upbeat.
  2. Answer to phone with eyebrows up! A trick I learned years ago has never steered me wrong. When you have your eyebrows up, it’s much harder to answer the phone with a negative tone. This “eyebrows up” philosophy is used by all of the DOFI’s here at TitleSmart to keep them cheerful and positive when answering calls.


Ask for Customer Feedback

  1. Discover your pain points! Feedback from your customers is SO important. Let me say that again, it is SO important! Whether positive or negative, gathering feedback from past and current clients helps you shape the way you run your business.
  2. Implement a survey! I highly recommend implementing a short survey that you can send out to your clients. This real time feedback can make be the difference between success and failure.


Have a Kick Butt Online Presence

  1. Update your website! Nothing is worse than going to a companies’ website only to find outdated information or a platform that is hard to navigate. Not only is it frustrating to your customers, it can also make the wrong first impression.
  2. Shine on Social Media! Social media is a FREE tool to get you in front of your customers and leads. Having a strong social media presence can make you a leader in your field, so getting a strategy in place is essential. Remember, you want to be where your customers are looking.


So, what are you waiting for? You can start implementing these tips today and starting creating a WOW customer experience that will set you apart from your competition.


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