TitleSmart Core Values: Authenticity


The first time I really connected with the concept of authenticity was when I read the book “Daring Greatly” by Brene Brown. If you haven’t read it, she talks about the courage to be vulnerable with one another and to brave rejection in favor of letting our true selves be seen. This is the heart of healthy relationships with one another.

Authenticity should be easy because nothing is as simple as “being yourself”. Authenticity is hard though. We are wired for connection and acceptance. Rejection hurts and we all fear it to varying degrees. There is safety in numbers. Going with the crowd feels easier than standing out. This is especially true at work when financial fears compound rejection fears.

At TitleSmart, we want this to be a place where you can feel comfortable being true to yourself. It is only when you are comfortable with yourself that you can shine and step into your full potential! TitleSmart is a success because our Smarties, every day, bring their best selves to work.

What does it look like to be brave in the face of rejection? It could be gently, helping a coworker see a blind spot instead of staying quiet and building resentment. It might be sharing a brilliant idea you came up with at a staff meeting. It might be asking for help when you are behind or struggling with a new procedure. It might be having the courage to say, “I’m so excited to play Dungeons and Dragons tonight!” (Sorry Jake)

And what really happens when you let your true selves be seen? People tend to like and trust you more. What’s better than coming to a workplace where you are loved for your true self? It doesn’t get better than that!