In tune with last week’s blog post, I would love to talk more about the power of audio. It’s amazing how much of a difference something, as small as an app on your phone, can make. Meditation has always been a goal of mine, but I’ve always felt like I had something more important to do.

With the rise to popularity in the Wellness industry, it became hard to ignore the ample benefits meditation has on people. I started to research an easy meditation app. Then I found, “Breethe” (formerly known as OMG I Can Meditate!). I started to think, “Oh my god, I CAN meditate!” Not only was I learning how to meditate, but I was sleeping better, and feeling less stressed.

One of my favorite parts of the app is the guided meditations. They are these recordings that walk you through whatever meditation topic you choose. Often, I choose the meditations focused on success. It is suggested that you sit quietly or lie down when listening. However, that’s hard to do during a busy day. For me, guided meditations are listened to just as I’m doing my makeup in the morning or on my car ride to work.

Starting out your morning with this boost of positive thoughts and affirmations is a day changer. Not only does it keep negative thoughts at bay, but I’m able to consciously remove them from my line of thinking. So, I encourage all of you to give yourself 5 minutes every day, find an app that works for you, and recharge your batteries. You won’t regret it.