#WhyTitleMatters | Estate Transactions

04/06/1993Industry News, Title Tips

Imagine closing on your new home, moving in, and getting settled. Things seem perfect, but then out of the blue a long-lost relative of the estate comes to claim ownership of your property and the court agrees that the relative is the legal owner! Without an owner’s title insurance policy not only will you no … Read More

7 Reasons Why Every Homebuyer Needs Owner’s Title Insurance

04/06/1993Title Tips

Buying a home is an exciting and emotional time for many people. To help you buy your home with more confidence, make sure you get owner’s title insurance. Here’s why it’s so important for you.  1.   Protects Your Largest Investment A home is probably the single largest investment you’ll make in your life. You insure … Read More

What Does a Title Company Do?

04/06/1993Title Tips

  Whether you’re selling a home or purchasing a new one, there are typically three entities that you end up working with: a real estate agent, a mortgage lender, and a title company. Title companies play a major role in a real estate transaction and here’s why: A title company makes sure that the title … Read More

Riparian Rights And How They Affect The Transfer Of Your Property

04/06/1993Title Tips

Buying and selling properties can be a confusing path to navigate. The employees here at TitleSmart try our best to provide our clients with exceptional title, escrow and real estate closing solutions, even the ones that appear more complicated than originally intended. Take, for instance, if you are thinking of buying or selling property that … Read More

How to Deliver “Price Adjustment” News to Your Sellers

04/06/1993Title Tips

In a perfect world, every home sells for the initial listing price (or higher).  But when it doesn’t, a downward price adjustment may be needed.  While this conversation is cringe inducing for many real estate agents, it also provides you with a great opportunity to showcase your professional skills.  If done correctly, you will not … Read More