When you surround yourself with like-minded people, you elevate each other. You push each other to be better every day because you want everyone to be successful. Judy and I have been friends and business partners for the past 10 years or so, and when I decided to start TitleSmart, she was there to help support me. So many others jumped on our “little engine that could” 10 years ago because they believed in what we believe in: creating an amazing customer experience.

“We met and started becoming friends right when Cindy was making all of these plans to start TitleSmart, and it’s kind of funny how things progress. When you hang out with people who are like-minded and work with business partners who are like-minded, it’s a win-win for everyone. Our clients are happy, and it’s fun to work together!”
Judy Craig, Realtor, The Craig Group with Edina Realty

One of the things that hit home for me was when I was starting the company, and I said, “Judy, I’m going to start a new title company!” She had been selling real estate for years and said, “Well, I’d love to have you take care of my clients for me like you do now.” It meant a lot that she believed in us when we were “the little title company that could.”

We went through the housing crisis together, and we survived. There were days when we would sit down and just go through ideas together for getting through that time.

One part of working together that has been nice along the way has been our collaborative best practice discussions. We sit and talk about great ideas that help us do well in business for the greater good of our clients. Those conversations confirm that we’re aligned in wanting to create an amazing experience for our clients.

Deep down I think that we all want to be successful and that starts with putting the customer first. With increasing competition in nearly every industry, everything is about the customer’s experience, and that’s what we focus on every single day!