Embrace Change

Change is good! Change is REALLY good! Some of you are shaking your heads right now thinking, “Change just costs me money,” or, “Change is just a waste of my time.” We aren’t talking about change for the sake of change. We are talking about the type of change that propels us forward and challenges us to improve.

One of the main reasons I started TitleSmart was to make a change in the rather forgettable title industry. No one knew what we did or why we did it, and they certainly didn’t think we could change how things had always been done. The customer experience wasn’t a priority for most companies when I began in the title industry, so we changed that. We saw an area of opportunity, acted on it, and did things differently. The customer’s experience became our focus, and we used it to guide every decision we made about the business. The change has paid off. People are excited to close on their homes. Our team works in a positive workplace that encourages creativity and teamwork. But most of all, our customers are happy! Realtors and lenders no longer dread closing day. They now look forward to cookies, coffee, and camaraderie. They know that they will be taken care of, and things will be done correctly the first time around.

When we embrace change, the door of opportunity bursts open, allowing new energy and ideas to come into our lives and stir things up. Opportunity is change’s best friend. Let’s keep them together, shall we?

When things change in our industry, we hear all of the moans and groans right off the bat. But what would happen if we would embrace change and opportunity as a packaged gift? Gone are the headaches, the sense of apprehension, the lack of buy-in from the team, and most of all, the negativity. See the upcoming change as a jumping off point to set yourself apart even further from your competition. It gives you a platform to show off how much you care about both your customers and your team.

Next time you hear the word change, try not to quiver or shrink in apprehension. Sit up a little straighter, lean in a little closer, and tackle it with grace and enthusiasm. Who knows what will come of embracing a new change; you could end up making a huge impact on your industry overnight!