Everyone interprets leadership a little differently, depending on our background, age, environment, and position. From a millennial’s perspective, TitleSmart’s leadership has empowered me to excel. Many people think millennials are high maintenance and entitled, but the young professionals at TitleSmart prove that is not the case. What most people miss when they “try to deal with millennials” is that we just require a different style of leadership.

We have opinions. We are extremely driven to succeed, so smoke and mirrors don’t fool us. We respect those in leadership positions wholeheartedly if they live out what they teach the team. TitleSmart’s leadership does more than just talk; they are on the front lines, working hard, and completing tough projects, and most of all, they don’t just delegate tasks they don’t want to do. They practice what they preach.

Millennials seek out leaders who empower people and let them think through complex problems, encouraging them to try their hand at solving the problem first. We learn through doing, so when a leader holds us back from getting our hands dirty and fixing it on our own, we are less likely to push through tougher situations later.

We do a lot of problem solving at TitleSmart. Every day delivers a new challenge, and our leadership team trusts us to do the job, get things done, and learn. Their ability to empower a team is what has allowed TitleSmart to grow into a leading title company in the Twin Cities. Our experienced leadership lets us own what we do and is also there to celebrate the major and minor wins with us! They help us through our failures, but instead of lecturing, they walk us through the situation, teach us where we can improve, and push us to do better next time. They take every potentially negative situation and turn it into a positive learning experience.

A leader is only as good as his or her team. It takes a lot of hard work to encourage, push, teach and empower a large group of people from many different types of backgrounds. TitleSmart’s leadership team has created a foundation that ensures success across the board. They have set the framework and let us own our work. How do you encourage positive leadership? What leadership skills could you improve to better connect with your team?