I’m sure there are a few of you out there that read our blogs about leadership or how to be a good boss, and think to yourself, “But I’m not a manager. This doesn’t apply to me.” But we are here to tell you, that is not true! Every employee, in every position, has the opportunity to lead. Look around you: no matter what position you hold, there will most likely be someone who is learning from you.


We wanted to provide some tips to get you out of the mindset that you are not a leader.


  1. No Task is Too Small

Now some of you might have heard me say this before, but I still think it rings true: no task is too small. Even if that means you are making a copy or taking out the trash; do every task with purpose. If you are asked to make a pot of coffee, it better be the best dang coffee you have ever made. If you go into every task with this mindset, others will take note.


  1. Be the Leader You Want to See

We have all had bosses or leaders who didn’t always do the best job. But what is it that you didn’t like about them? Are there things that you would do different if you were a leader? Instead of complaining, take action and lead others around you the way you want to be lead. This can be as simple as following the rules. No one likes a boss that thinks they are above company policy, so start simple and lead by example.


  1. Be Passionate About your Workplace

Good leaders are passionate about the work that they do and that then trickles down into their employees. Even if you are not management your passion about your job and workplace can make others look to you for support and inspiration. You never know who is noticing the impact you are having and what type of opportunities will be available to you.


  1. Show your Strengths

Always seize the moments when you can shine and show off your talents and skills. There will be times when your manager will ask for help, will you be ready to help them? Hone in on your special strengths and let them shine when opportunities present themselves.


  1. Be All In

If you want to climb your company’s ladder and move into a leadership role, you have to prove that you are all in.  Which means going above and beyond, even when you think no one is looking. If you are passionate, hardworking, there to help anyone, and know that no task is too small, opportunities will present themselves!


Hopefully these tips will help you to grow professionally and will help be the foundation to your being a strong leader in your work place. Leadership opportunities are all around you even if you are not in a management role. Find ways that you can let your light shine bright and trust us, others will notice!