Working in a small company gives employees an amazing opportunity to derive a sense of interconnectedness. This bond allows us to develop similar mindsets, likes, dislikes, and even senses of humor. Simply put, when your team is up, you’re up, when your team is down, you’re down. With this closeness, it is so important to remember to be mindful of both our work and friendships.

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, mindfulness essentially means one is aware from moment to moment, rather than slipping into an “autopilot” mode. The realization of the present moment creates more compassion and care for our surroundings, rather than feeling anxious for what will come next. Mindfulness is proven to be a highly effective tool for reducing stress in both the workplace and our personal lives.

 “Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it.” – Buddha

The practice of mindfulness within a company can significantly impact productivity, moods, and stress levels. As a small team, our interconnectedness links these feelings for both management and employees. It is important to recognize that, although we may be going through a rough time, it is our job to be aware of the toxic energy we may be spreading to our coworkers. Mindfulness encourages clearer thinking, better focus, and more effective stress management skills. Mindfulness also reduces anxiety and promotes creative teamwork, which ultimately cultivates a happier, more peaceful and productive work environment.

Although we all have our own stressors, it’s crucial to remember we are all here working towards the same goal. Through both individual and group efforts, we can more fully create a positive, happy, and productive workplace.