Maintaining positivity in your life is a state of mind; you control this and to forfeit that control to your surroundings is to forfeit one of your strongest assets, but maintaining this control is something that you may battle with every single day.

I view the world with a lot of scientific-artistic flare and when maintaining positivity becomes difficult I find my roots back in physics, which in law says that the entropy (chaos and energy) of a system will always increase. This sounds rather gloom as you may not consider disorder or chaos to be positive but the beauty of living in chaos is that your positivity is not derived from it. Your positivity comes from you. In this world, things are going to go wrong and mistakes are going to be made. This is an unfortunate reality, but at TitleSmart, we accept the occasional wrench to be thrown and still smile at the face of it all anyway.

I am sure that you have heard how a laugh or a smile is contagious and positivity can be the root of that phenomena, but the same is also true for the opposite. Remember, chaos is going to happen and when another individual comes to you with a problem, they wanted it just as much as you did, which is to say they did NOT want it! As humans, we avoid things with negative repercussions; so for someone to approach you with a mistake, know that it was not intentional and at this point they will look to you. To be someone’s means for a solution or an answer is to also be a source of positivity. Use this as an opportunity to flex your positivity instead of your power and this will amplify positivity for you both.

At TitleSmart, you will commonly hear things like, channeling positive energy or having a positive frequency. Focusing on this is a visual for controlling your positivity. When you can control your positivity, it will only make it easier for others around you. If you think of your state of mind as a wave, a sound emanating from your person, you will either be cancelling or amplifying those around you. Are you surrounded by positivity or are you cancelling out the positivity of others?

I want to end with the hardest part of positivity which is that positivity is not inherently happy. Positivity does not imply happiness but instead the opportunistic foresight of it. By no means, do you have to be happy with mistakes, problems, or unexpected troubles; again, chaos happens, but in this you can harness positivity. From your positivity, you can find happiness in everything that you do.

– Jake Kostik