I love spring. The sun is getting warmer, and we can put away those bulky sweaters and move into the lighter and brighter wardrobe of summer! New opportunities are springing up here at TitleSmart, and we’re gearing up for a lot of growth. As we prepare for what could be our busiest season yet, it’s an excellent time to refresh our thoughts and intentions and prepare for all that will come our way. Here are a few ways to spring clean your mindset to get rid of anything that might be holding you back and make room for all the success this season will bring!


Take time to evaluate your space – both at work and at home – and remove anything that doesn’t serve a purpose or bring you joy. Start by tackling small, easy tasks – like that pile of folders on your desk or junk drawer at home. Clearing small spaces first will make larger projects that much quicker and much less overwhelming. And remember: clutter isn’t just stuff. Be sure to evaluate what’s cluttering your mind too. Focus your energy, determine what’s important, and get rid of anything that distracts you from your goals.


Remind yourself why you’ve chosen to do what you do. Maybe you love the people you work with, the way you’re able to help others, or the variety of activities that come with your role. Make a list and come back to it when you’re feeling overwhelmed or having a tough day.

ADD A NEW POSITIVE HABIT (here are some great examples)

Your everyday actions impact your energy and your outlook. Review your typical day and think about small changes that would add more health, joy, and positivity to your routine. It could be as simple as adding some morning stretches or an evening walk, or try making a commitment to compliment or thank someone on a consistent basis. Slight adjustments to what you do on a regular basis can add up to significant changes in your life.

Think about how you can Spring clean your mindset for success moving forward. 2017 is going to be your best year yet!

Happy Spring cleaning!