TitleSmart is always on the cutting edge of technology to better service our clients. If there is an advancement in the title industry that can benefit the customer experience, we will implement it as quickly as possible. Here are a few examples of how technology is improving the customer experience at TitleSmart and changing the industry for the better.



CertifID is a platform that verifies client identity and securely collects their wiring instructions. Wire fraud is an increasing concern for all parties in real estate transactions. CertifID protects transactions by providing one secure place to exchange wiring instructions. And it’s accessible whenever it’s most convenient for our clients. CertifID doesn’t store personal information, ask for bank login credentials, relay a client’s wiring instructions to anyone except TitleSmart, or require a special app or complicated downloads. A client receives an email and text from CertifID, their identity is validated, and they exchange wiring instructions for a safe and secure closing.


RON (Remote Online Notary)

Remote Online Notary is a way for clients and their closer to complete document signing (including notarization) remotely via webcam and a specialized software platform. A RON signing is best suited to clients who cannot find local access to a notary, such as those outside the United States or clients unable to travel/see others for health reasons. In order to qualify for RON, a client must:

  • be a U.S. citizen or a resident alien (with a Social Security number and history of living in the U.S.)
  • have a valid, non-expired, government-issued photo ID
  • speak a shared language with their closer
  • the lender and title underwriter in the transaction must also approve for RON to be used.
  • have the necessary technology (and feel confident navigating that technology)
      • computer, tablet or smartphone with a microphone, camera and speakers
      • a stable, private internet connection
      • an email address

CloseSimple Title Tracker

CloseSimple streamlines closing communication with professional, branded email and text messages sent directly from the closing or escrow staff to buyers, sellers, real estate agents and lenders. Email and texts are customized to a client’s five- or six-step closing timeline, so clients are clearly informed about where they are in each step of the closing process. Each communication has the recipient’s name and pertinent information sent directly from TitleSmart’s email address. Replies go to the team member working on the file. Text messages are sent from a unique phone number set up just for TitleSmart. CloseSimple makes the closing process quicker, more streamlined and more transparent.

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