TitleSmartING: a verb meaning to excel at ALL things title! And that is exactly what our #Smarties do each day at TitleSmart. As we approach our 13th year in business (April 1st!) we are proud to look back on how we have been able to continue to enhance the customer experience and grow exponentially as a company.

We take pride in being the experts on everything related to title! And while our customers come to expect us to be professionals in closing, examining, recording, etc. we feel that we truly set ourselves apart through our commitment to our customers.


Customer service has and always will be the backbone of our company. When we opened our doors 13 years ago, we knew that there was a hole in our market for a title company that put the customer first. Every decision we make at TitleSmart has the customer’s experience in mind, from our fun trinkets to our closing procedures. And especially now with the ever-evolving changes to the industry, TitleSmart is going above and beyond to give our customers an exceptional closing experience no matter the circumstances.


What is a relationship without trust? There is no greater feeling than getting feedback from our clients that they trust us to get the job done! Smarties always lead with honesty and integrity with every transaction. We are so grateful that our customers can feel at ease and trust in us for what might be one of the biggest transactions of their life!


Our industry is extremely detailed oriented and our clients rely on us to be the experts. And trust us, we love the details! Not only is it what keeps our jobs exciting, but it also motivates us to make sure all of our clients walk away from the closing table feeling confident! At TitleSmart, we go the extra mile for all of our customers because it is a duty and a privilege to provide them with an experience that is unmatched.

What can we say? We are just obsessed with proving the best service and products possible to our customers! At TitleSmart you can feel confident and comfortable knowing we are your last stop on your journey home.

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