As we move into the cold, harsh Minnesota winter, it is easy to get bogged down by the bad weather and craziness of the Holiday Season with family and friends. For most businesses, winter can be a slow season, especially in real estate. But for me, the winter months mean time to get stuff done! All those projects that have been put on the back burner, or things on your to-do list that you just keep putting off. Not only can you take this time to accomplish those things, it is also a time to set new goals and prepare for Spring!


At TitleSmart we have one big goal for 2018: position ourselves for growth. Now what does that mean? For us, we are adding new space in order to accommodate our growing staff needs. In our HQ in White Bear Lake, we recently expanded adding more desks and private office suites so we can take on top talent. We also are continuing to grow our Benefits package by adding on additional wellness courses, chiropractic services and more!


But winter goals don’t just have to be geared towards growing business or yourself professionally. You should also take this time to set some personal goals. Here are a few examples:


Stop Procrastinating

Remember when I mentioned this is the time to check off all those things on your to-do list? I meant it! Winter is a great season to get ahead on those little things you have been putting off. If you work on not procrastinating now, come spring you will be positioned for success!


Read More and Read Often

Did you know that being an avid reader actually does make you smarter? If that isn’t reason enough, reading can also help ease depression, which affects many people during the dark, cold winter months. There is no better time than winter to curl up with a good book.


Spend Time with Loved Ones

With the holidays coming up, winter is the perfect season to make sure you are setting aside time to be with your family and friends. Make them a priority and show them how much they mean to you.


What are your winter goals? Whatever they are, I encourage you to set some! They don’t have to be life-changing but writing down a few small goals will help you feel confident and ready come spring. Have any to share? Feel free to tag us on Facebook or email with stories to share!