From pages made from papyrus plants in ancient Egypt, to parchment from calf and deer skin in ancient Greece, to the first papers made from plant pulp in ancient China, books have seen many incarnations over the millennia. Even today with the wide availability of e-books, most book lovers still say they prefer the feel of the printed page.

Books are the tech antidote we all need to explore new worlds, learn fresh ideas, and connect with cultures and characters far from our everyday lives. And now as the days become shorter, the air becomes colder and winter settles in, there’s no better time for bibliophiles to draw up a reading list to make the dark days of the season a little brighter.

Here are some great reads to get you started.



by Michael Farris Smith


The story of The Great Gatsby character Nick Carraway and his pre-Gatsby life during WWI.


My Year Abroad

by Chang-Rae Lee


An American college student and a Chinese American entrepreneur take a trip across Asia.



by R. J. Palacio


A young boy takes a journey guided by a ghost and a mysterious pony to find his father on the 19th-century American frontier.


We Run the Tides

by Vendela Vida


A story of teenage friendship, betrayal, and a mysterious disappearance set in 1980s San Francisco.


The Lost Apothecary

by Sarah Penner


An aspiring historian finds a clue that may solve the 18th-century murders connected to a mysterious London apothecary.


Moms Don’t Have Time To: A Quarantine Anthology

by Zibby Owens


Original essays by dozens of bestselling authors on the ever-increasing demands on our time.


Feeding the Soul

by Tabitha Brown


Personal stories, inspirational quotes, and vegan recipes to guide readers into building lives of nonjudgmental kindness and love.


Obsess to Success

by Cindy Koebele


Overcoming obstacles, hiring and keeping the best employees, creating an outstanding customer experience, and finding opportunities to maximize business growth.


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