The Art of Training

October 4, 2017Business, General, Industry News, Prof. Development

At TitleSmart we are always looking for ways to innovate and improve. Not only our services that we provide to our clients and customers, but also how we improve our company internally. In the last few years we have taken a good hard look at our training programs and noticed there was room to grow.  … Read More

Cyber Crime: Part Two

September 26, 2017Business, General, Industry News, Prof. Development

Last week we touched on the importance of educating yourself and your staff on the dangers of Cyber Crime. This week we wanted to take it one step further by breaking down the various types of Social Engineering, or Cyber Crime threats. Here are the top social engineering threats you should be aware of.  DOWNLOAD … Read More

Cyber Crime: Part One

September 19, 2017Business, General, Industry News, Prof. Development

Cyber Crime is one of the top issues our industry faces right now. Cyber Crime is a multi-billion-dollar industry and it is only growing. The most common thing people think of when they hear Cyber Crime is bad websites or emails, but it goes much further than that: Phishing, Spear phishing, CEO Fraud, Vishing, SMiShing, … Read More

#WhyTitleMatters | Unknown Second Mortgage

May 9, 2017Industry News, Title Tips

Imagine going to sell your home only to find out that there is an open second mortgage on the home from the previous owner. You may have never known anything about it or thought was paid off when you originally purchased the home, but the reality is that it is still an open lien on … Read More

#WhyTitleMatters | Estate Transactions

April 25, 2017Industry News, Title Tips

Imagine closing on your new home, moving in, and getting settled. Things seem perfect, but then out of the blue a long-lost relative of the estate comes to claim ownership of your property and the court agrees that the relative is the legal owner! Without an owner’s title insurance policy not only will you no … Read More

A Year in Review with TitleSmart

December 28, 2016Industry News

When we look back at 2016, it was a really great year for us here at TitleSmart! It was filled with new faces as we continue to grow our team and our footprint within the Twin Cities area; a year filled with awesome new benefits for our employees; a year of giving, and a year … Read More

Why Choose Your Own Title Company? (Pt. 2)

December 16, 2016Industry News

Why should you choose your own title company when you’re closing on a property? Well… because it’s smart! We say it all the time, and it’s true that not all title companies are created equal. We may provide the same products, but it’s the service level, experience and reliability that set us apart from others … Read More

Why You Should Choose Your Own Title Company (Pt. 1)

November 5, 2016Industry News

Not all title companies are created equal. That’s just a fact. At TitleSmart, we do everything that we can to ensure that our clients have a positive, and memorable closing. After all, closing on your home should be fun! Your home will probably be the largest purchase you ever make, but instead of being stressed … Read More

Someone claims ownership to your property. Now what?

September 23, 2016Industry News

Two words: title insurance. We get asked all the time what title insurance is, and it’s very simple; title insurance protects your title after a real estate transaction takes place. Our team does an impeccable job making sure that the title is clear before signing it over in the closing, but there are times when … Read More