Elizabeth VanEyll

Beautiful inside and out.

Elizabeth felt a lump and was diagnosed in the Spring of 2018 with stage 3 breast cancer.  For the following year, she endured intense chemo, radiation, double mastectomy surgery and two reconstructive surgeries.  Elizabeth never complained and exuded a positive, upbeat thrill and zest for life, family and friends.  In the Spring/Summer of 2019 Elizabeth had a clean PET scan and enjoyed an incredible year being back to work and enjoying every little moment to the fullest.  In December 2019 she got the flu… then a pain in her side, and then a swollen lymph node in her neck.  Shortly thereafter she was told that her breast cancer had metastasized to her brain, liver, bone and lungs and deemed stage IV.  On March 25, 2020, she passed away.  Elizabeth never stopped fighting and believing that she would overcome, even until the last final few moments.

As her friend and co-worker, I was completely oblivious to this heartbreaking outcome.  At a work lunch in early December 2019, Elizabeth joked about her cancer and said, “with cancer, it’s never a matter of if it will come back, it’s just when it will come back.”  That statement haunted me.  I never once thought that my beautiful friend and co-worker would not be with us 3 months later.  It’s just surreal and the loss is overwhelming to her family and everyone who loves her so much.

Elizabeth, on the other side, we love and miss you so much every day.

-Cindy Koebele

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