How often do you find yourself complaining? Complaining about the weather, your job, your responsibilities; the list could go on and on! No matter how #blessed we might feel, complaining is one of those negative habits that many of us possess. Often times we don’t even realize that we are complaining. For most of us, it has become second nature to voice a complaint rather than offering up something positive to the group.


But what would happen if we tried to stop complaining for a whole week? How would it affect our relationships, moods, and attitudes? Well at TitleSmart, we are ready to put this idea to the test! TitleSmart challenges you to not complain for one whole week!  And we have a seven-step program to help you do it.


We admit it, we are guilty of complaining too! We all are. It is easy for us to fall into the habit of negativity with so many things that can go wrong on any given day. But we need to start rewiring our brains! Now, we aren’t saying that you need to become all rainbows and sunshine all the time, but we do think there is a benefit from making a conscious decision to think positive thoughts and trying not to allow negative thoughts to dominate.


Over the next seven days, we will be posting a challenge for each day on our social media platforms. We encourage you to get involved by using the hashtag #NoComplaints. You won’t be alone! Our Smarties will also be taking on this challenge and encouraging one another to live a more positive life!


Our seven day #NoComplaints challenge is aimed to help you retrain your brain. We can’t promise that one week will change your life, but it could be the first step towards changing your mindset and living a more positive, open-minded, and optimistic lifestyle. Stay tuned for our update and stories on how the #NoComplaints challenge went in our offices in next week’s blog!

And if you have any stories to share during or after the challenge, please send them to to be featured on our Facebook page!