Do you want your customers to have a memorable experience? Try this!

It really is the little things for the customer experience and we are obsessed about it. It’s the little things that make that biggest impact with your current and future customers.

When a customer comes into our office: they get that relaxed feeling, they meet with us and feel this high energy that they don’t feel at another company, anyone they ask to help them would basically be able to just drop everything and be like, “Yes. How can I help you? What can I do?” They’re greeted with a smile and always treated like they’re a special person that’s there that day.

One of the other things that we just added that is a huge hit is a monitor where we’re welcoming our guests that are coming in that day. It’s amazing how everyone notices when walking in and says, “Hey! There’s my name up on that monitor!” It’s that little extra touch that makes that client feel special.

Even I felt that when I went to meet with somebody for lunch at their office in Minneapolis. I walked upstairs and, as we were walking to the doorway of their office, they had this big sign that said, “Welcome Cindy Koebele!” I really think it’s just a genius idea. They went that extra mile, that one little tiny step, to print out a little sign that just changed the whole experience.

Think about your business or the company you work for. What “little things” are you doing now for your customers? What can you do to help enable a change to improve the customer experience? Now make it happen!