Here at TitleSmart, every closing is a first-class closing. Plain and simple.

But, how does a first-class closing differ from a regular closing? In a first-class closing at TitleSmart, we make sure everything is easy, friendly and special down to the smallest detail. From the second you walk in, to your final goodbye, we have you covered!

• When you walk in the door, you’re met with a warm greeting by one of our DOFIs.
• You’re seated in a comfortable office.
• Your name is listed on the screens to let you know we’re expecting you and are happy to have you there.
• You’re given a treat, snack or beverage. Who wants a cup of fresh brewed Caribou Coffee?
• We go at your pace and answer every question, so you feel comfortable with the process—start to finish.
• After closing, you can take a picture with some props in our photo area to celebrate and commemorate the occasion.

At TitleSmart, we know that closing on your home is an important and exciting occasion, and we want to make the day special—and first class—for every client.

There are a lot of title companies out there. But if you want to sit up front and go first class, the only one to choose is TitleSmart!

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