How to be a Great Business Partner

November 1, 2016Prof. Development

Experts specialize in a certain industry because they have experience in it and it’s what they excel at. We partner with vendors that are the best at what they do. They know their business and their industry better than anyone else, which makes them great assets to our business and great business partners. Every person … Read More

Your Business Back to School Checklist

August 24, 2016Prof. Development

We purchase crayons, sharpen pencils, pack backpacks and send our kids off to expand their knowledge during yet another school year. We may find ourselves wiping away tears or even letting out a sigh of relief as we wave goodbye on that first day of school. Our children spend the first two weeks brushing up … Read More

Don’t Forget to Market Yourself

July 22, 2016Prof. Development

Business cards are great for marketing yourself. Despite their size, their importance is second only to your website. They serve as an introduction to yourself and are an extension of your first impression. So why are they so important? You can miss out on important connections if you don’t have them with you at all … Read More

Find the Bright Side – It’s Good for Business!

July 19, 2016Prof. Development

Having a positive attitude is more than just being happy and pleasant. It truly requires one to embody positivity in every aspect of their life and thought process. You can tell when someone has taken up a life of positivity; they walk tall, their voice is more confident, and their body language shows exactly how … Read More

Save Time with the Touch it Once Principle

July 5, 2016Prof. Development

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wish I had more hours in a day!”? As busy professionals, we’re all looking to find more time. Because we can’t magically add hours on to a day, it’s more important than ever to make sure that we are as efficient as possible while we’re at work. But … Read More

Don’t Discount Your Ideas

June 28, 2016Prof. Development

As professionals, our brains are constantly spinning. They rarely stop. It isn’t uncommon to find us startled awake at three in the morning with a new idea. That is just how we operate. What many people don’t understand, though, is that each of our ideas, even if they seem ludicrous, are our way of working … Read More

How do you find the perfect professional mentor?

June 24, 2016Prof. Development

How did I end up starting my own business, having confidence in my product, and getting to a point where I truly can say it is flourishing? I surely did not get here on my own. I have many people behind me supporting and encouraging me both professionally and personally. Finding a mentor is such … Read More

Finding the Perfect Work + Life Balance

June 21, 2016Prof. Development

As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, each of us has the same number of hours in a day. How we spend those hours is completely up to us. Running a business and maintaining a healthy personal life takes a lot of coordination. It can leave you feeling overwhelmed and stretched thin. But finding the right … Read More

Managing Productivity with Your 1,440

June 16, 2016Prof. Development

We all have 1,440 minutes in a day. How you manage those minutes can determine how productive you are that day, but productivity isn’t just how much you accomplish. It also involves how efficient you are with your daily tasks. Here are a few tips that you can follow to better manage your 1440. Take … Read More

Teamwork – Pulling Your Weight in the Workplace

June 10, 2016Prof. Development

Teamwork is the driving force behind a successful business, small or large. There is no doubting this. But what many of us don’t realize at first is that a group’s success has little to do with the intelligence of one teammate, and more to do with the how well the team works together. They call … Read More