Do’s and Don’ts of Online Networking

May 27, 2016Prof. Development

Whether you run a business or not, networking is an essential part of your professional career. If you own a business, or you’re in sales, networking builds genuine connections with others that can help grow your business. But let’s not forget about those of you who are not in sales. Networking is still an important … Read More

Building Trust: Step Up and Be Accountable

February 10, 2016Prof. Development

Building Trust: Set up, be accountable, and quit making excuses – because nobody wants to hear it. Think of a time when you were a kid, you did something wrong and your parents found out. You were forced to make a choice, right? The choice between telling the truth or telling a lie when you … Read More

Breaking out of the Comfort Zone

January 5, 2016Prof. Development

The Comfort Zone, is exactly what it sounds like, comfortable. But what can we do when comfortable becomes… less comfortable and more stale, stagnant and stuck? It can be difficult to shake things up. In this article, we will discuss two pitfalls of the “Comfort Zone” and how to break out of our shells and accomplish more than … Read More

Tips by Cindy – Do Everything With A Passion

September 3, 2015Prof. Development

  Do everything with a passion, duh! People understand that when you’re passionate about something, it’s the general thought in that effort that makes the difference. Everyone wants to feel like they’re the most important person that you’re working with and if you do everything like your life depends on it they’ll always feel that … Read More

Overloaded By E-Mails?

July 26, 2015Prof. Development

  E-mail has changed the way that we communicate in business. It has helped us connect on the fly, produce faster results, and make us want to pull our hair out at times. It’s easy to send a quick e-mail, but if you’re not organized it can become the one thing you dread seeing when … Read More