Is Your Business An Auto-Fail Culprit?

January 19, 2016Inspiration and Fun

  Here are 9 things that are business “auto-fails” in my book: Pens – I can’t stand when I go somewhere and receive a flower pen, a spoon pen, or a pen on a string. Spend money on some inexpensive pens that have your logo on them. You never know where they will end up … Read More

Positivity is a choice. Is it yours?

January 13, 2016Inspiration and Fun

Positivity is a choice. Is it yours? It’s 7:16 on a Monday morning. You slept through your alarm and the cat started eating your breakfast for you while your back was turned.  You run out to the car, peel out of the driveway in every attempt to get to work on time and then it … Read More

Tips by Cindy – Over-the-Top Presentation

August 27, 2015Inspiration and Fun

  Think about the last business that you visited. From the time that you walked in the door, how did it make you feel? Was it bright and inviting? Did someone that was bright-eyed and bushy tailed greet you right away? Were there smells that you remember from cooking with your grandmother or mother as … Read More

Setting & Achieving Goals

February 17, 2015Inspiration and Fun

We all have them; some last a day while others take years to accomplish. Goals keep the world spinning and our lives ever evolving. So what does it take to create, maintain and achieve one? Each of us has our own tricks to reaching our goals, which is the way it should be! There is … Read More

Top Tips for the College Freshman

August 26, 2014Inspiration and Fun

Armed with knowledge and a diverse skill set you think you are ready to conquer the world. Think again. As you dive into adulthood, we want you to have a happy, fulfilling, and meaningful life. But before you go chase your dreams we’d like you to consider our Top Tips for College Freshmen. 1. Learn … Read More

5 Things the TitleSmart Team does to Stay Successful

June 11, 2014Inspiration and Fun

Starting your day off right is essential to being successful.  After reading a recent article on LinkedIn about what successful people do when they begin their workday, made me think. … What do I do?  My staff?  It made me realize that I need to be successful throughout the entire day.  What can I do … Read More

How to Stay Positive at Work

April 14, 2014Inspiration and Fun

Let’s be honest, doing the same routine every day, even if enjoyable, can lead to boredom.  It’s very important to love what you do for a living and staying positive is a great place to start.  Our fantastic team at TitleSmart came up with five ways to help YOU stay positive at work. 1. Express … Read More