The Art of Training

October 4, 2017Business, General, Industry News, Prof. Development

At TitleSmart we are always looking for ways to innovate and improve. Not only our services that we provide to our clients and customers, but also how we improve our company internally. In the last few years we have taken a good hard look at our training programs and noticed there was room to grow.  … Read More

Cyber Crime: Part Two

September 26, 2017Business, General, Industry News, Prof. Development

Last week we touched on the importance of educating yourself and your staff on the dangers of Cyber Crime. This week we wanted to take it one step further by breaking down the various types of Social Engineering, or Cyber Crime threats. Here are the top social engineering threats you should be aware of.  DOWNLOAD … Read More

Cyber Crime: Part One

September 19, 2017Business, General, Industry News, Prof. Development

Cyber Crime is one of the top issues our industry faces right now. Cyber Crime is a multi-billion-dollar industry and it is only growing. The most common thing people think of when they hear Cyber Crime is bad websites or emails, but it goes much further than that: Phishing, Spear phishing, CEO Fraud, Vishing, SMiShing, … Read More

The Art of Simple Relationship Building

September 12, 2017General, Inspiration and Fun, Prof. Development

As many of you know, building and maintaining relationships is the key of every successful business. Not only with your clients, but also your vendors, customers, staff and others within your industry. But how do you build meaningful relationships that will help build and sustain your business? Here are two of my secrets to building … Read More

The Art of the Check Box

August 31, 2017General, Inspiration and Fun, Prof. Development

The other day I was helping my son with his small business. I was giving him a list of things to-do when I noticed something peculiar. I looked down at his paper to realize he was drawing small boxes next to each item on his to-do list. I immediately exclaimed, “Hey! I do that too!” … Read More

The Art of the Steno Pad

July 27, 2017General, Inspiration and Fun

With all of the distractions in today’s world, finding a way to finish your to-do list can sometimes feel like a daunting task. When people are feeling overwhelmed they often look to others to find an organizational method to help them stay on task. There are so many different ways to keep yourself organized out … Read More

3 Steps To Resolve Tension At Work

July 8, 2017General, Prof. Development

We’ve all been there: you had an uncomfortable conversation with someone at work and now it feels like there’s a thick cloud of tension hanging over the office. It’s normal to want to shrug tough conversations off and pretend like they never happened, but that can actually do more harm than good. Everyone knows that … Read More

How to Combat Being Overwhelmed

October 23, 2016General

You tell a peer that you are overwhelmed with your job, life, everything. And what do they recommend? Make a “to-do” list! Brilliant! Problem solved. End of blog post! Nope. Don’t get me wrong, lists are great; they keep us organized and on task, and help us keep things in perspective. We can make list, … Read More

TitleSmart Leadership from the Desk of: Maggie Koebele

October 14, 2016General

Everyone interprets leadership a little differently, depending on our background, age, environment, and position. From a millennial’s perspective, TitleSmart’s leadership has empowered me to excel. Many people think millennials are high maintenance and entitled, but the young professionals at TitleSmart prove that is not the case. What most people miss when they “try to deal … Read More

Money isn’t the Only Motivator

August 13, 2016General

Don’t get me wrong; employees love making more money, but it’s not their only motivator for enjoying their job and the place that they work. Employees want to feel appreciated. They want to know that they are valued and that the work they are doing is making a difference in some way. For small businesses, … Read More